Why we were founded

The underserved communities  of South Florida make up many integral aspects of its rich culture and diversity. However, many students from these communities are struggling to access quality education and tutoring services. This is due to a several factors such as the schooling system in their neighborhoods, financial burdens, and the effects of the digital divide. These difficulties were further magnified during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, we felt a responsibility to help ease these hardships by creating a cost free, quality tutoring program made up of educated students who desire to connect with students who are struggling to keep up in their science and math studies. This program is designed to make sure young mathematicians and scientists do not give up on their dreams because they are struggling in their courses and cannot afford a tutor. We hope that through our program these students will feel confident in their skills and continue to have a passion for science and math courses.

What we do

The tutors in the program are comprised of college and graduate school level students who have a desire to share their knowledge with younger students. The goal of this program is to equip students with an enhanced math and science education and inspire them to continue pursuing their career goals in science and math fields. Each student is paired with a tutor who has extensive experience in the subject matter. The individualized lessons are conducted via Zoom to ensure location flexibility. While enhancing their foundation in science and math courses, the students have the opportunity to form valuable connections with their instructors.